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Late Night Reporting

" No one will know. I'll pay you. I'm really lost!" Again the silence. She ducks her head slightly, trying to see my face in the shadows. " Okay. You'll have to get in the back though, and stay out of sight." " Thanks! Yes, of course!" She ran to the back of the truck pulling the door open, stepping up into the interior pulling it closed behind her. The inside is hung with quilted moving blankets and bungee cords hung from the ceiling. There are tools boxes behind the front seat and cans of paint and other maintenance equipment. Bianca bent down walking up behind me. The engine is right in the center of the truck, making a big hump next to my seat, she leans over it, staring out the windshield as I drove. " It's a red Peugeot 607. A two thousand five. It shouldn't be hard to find. I really appreciate this."

The van rolls slowly along, and she notices street signs. I wheel the truck around several turns then kill the yellow light, turning into warehouse area and enters a deserted warehouse that is darker and more deserted. " I really think it was up on the other side of town," She said. I said nothing. I drove through the deserted building lit by dim, flickering fluorescent bulbs, some not lit at all. This seems to be a totally unused part of the warehouse. When I pull the truck into a dim and remote corner up against a dead end and threw it into gear, she assumes I'd taken a wrong turn and was going to back up and turn around. I turn around in my seat as if to see out the back doors and so she turns around too, and when I grab her and suddenly stood up pulling her roughly back over the engine housing it caught her totally by surprise. " What are you—?"

I push her down on her back holding her there as I step around her and into the back of the truck so I'm looming over her, in complete control, my hands gripping her shoulders. Fear surging through her body, fighting with disbelief. She feels the strength in my hands and arms and feels the heat from my body but she can't accept what is happening. The only light in the van is the thin, watery light that seeps in from the windshield so my face remains in the shadow, though now she sees my white tee-shirt and the hairs on my chest peeking through my shirt. " I suggest you keep quiet," I said, my voice a deep, low whisper. " I don't want to hurt you." Bianca feels a thrill of horror and she tries to push me away, I yank the top of her blouse halfway down her arms, efficiently trapping her in her own garment. The strength and expertise of my moves instinctively tells her she is dealing with a professional, someone who has done this before.

" Wait! Wait!" she cries. " Do you want money? I'll give you money! There's money in my purse. Just don't hurt me!" That seems to give me pause and she takes that as an encouraging sign. She froze, not daring to move. " Really. Take it. Take what you want. If it's not enough I can get you more." Another brief silence, then I said. " I don't want money. I have plenty of money?" 
My answer panicks her, and she tries again to reach up and claw at me but I got my hand beneath her and yanked her blouse from behind, making it into a tourniquet that bound her arms tight against her sides and rendered her helpless. She is in a deserted building, miles from anyone, and when my hand went to her throat she knew she has no choice but to lie still, well aware that I had strength in that one hand to choke her to death.

She watches as my hand went to the last buttons on her blouse opening them, she feels the fabric give way collapsing onto her skin like something defeated. There is a pause, then I slowly open the delicate silk of her blouse like a man unveiling a meal, exposing her chest and her bra. My entire head is still in shadow, she feels my eyes on her, taking her in, and then my hand reappears closing on her breasts, first one, then the other. She feels the strength in my fingers, the tension as I fight the urge to crush them in my hands, a perverse kind of gentleness, and that made her bold. She summons all her strength and tries to free her arms again but I hold her now with ease, as if I'm consumed with her breasts and hardly aware of her struggles. I'm a large man, strong and focused, and yet she senses through my touch that my intention isn't to hurt her. 

My hand left her breasts sliding back up to her throat, I push her face gently up and to the side as I caress her cheek tenderly, trying to calm her, my touch had the opposite effect and she suddenly begins to panic as she realizes the seriousness of her predicament, lying on her back in a deserted building with her arms trapped and blouse open, being touched by me. She suddenly can't control her breathing and her breasts begin to heave as she begins to pant and hyperventilate and there is nothing she can do about it. " Hush," I whisper, my lips right next to her ear. " Nothing to be afraid of." I place my hand lightly over her mouth, not so firm that she can't breathe, and she calms down immediately, or she gave up. I lean down planting a passionate kiss, my mouth covering her lips and saliva mingling as I licked her tongue inside and she responds. My hands slide down caressing her breasts again, then back up to her shoulders. Sliding lower under her ass, I'm fondling and caressing her beautiful round buttocks. I growl " Bianca, you have a beautiful ass."

I continue fondling her butt cheeks as I continue kissing her neck. I raise up unzipping her skirt and slide it off. Leaning back down placing my mouth on her breast, I start sucking one then the other while pinching the other nipple. Her nipples are hard and taut wet with my saliva. I stand up in front of her, Bianca knew what I wanted. She sat up from the engine cover, reaching out feeling my large bulge beneath my pants, and started to unzip my pants, I'm wearing no shorts, she gasps as my monster cock springs out towards her. Bianca says " John, I can't do this again." Bianca is wided eyed as she stared at my 9 inch long 5 inch thick hanging pendulum between my legs. " John, you are the only man I have ever seen and had sex with a cock that big. It stretched me so wide the first time." She lifted my cock feeling it is heavy, so thick and veiny. My large round cock head was glistening with pre cum, my huge hairy balls she knew was full of cum having filled her with nine streams.

Bianca slowly moved her mouth towards my cock extending her tongue to lick it. It tasted salty and she enjoyed tasting it again. The musk scent from my cock and balls is driving her crazy. Her panties are completely drenched knowing she again will feel my cock inside her. Her arousal is beyond control knowing she will again possess it and own it. The smell is raw and so intoxicating, she places both her palms around the thick shaft, opening her mouth as wide as possible. Taking my cock head inside, rotating her tongue around it and pushing her head further to see how far it will go. Sliding deep down her throat, she manages only six inches. She licks the entire shaft from top to bottom coating it with her saliva. My monster cock is glistening and throbbing, the veins are sticking out as if they are going to burst. My cock continues to grow hard as a rock, my eyes closed growling " Mmmmmmmmm..Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Bianca keep sucking and licking me." 
Bianca continues sucking and licking my cock for 30 minutes, her jaws are aching. I pull my cock from her grasp, pushing her back down on the engine cover and ripping her panties off. I lift both her legs spreading them and placing them on my shoulders so her clean shaven pussy is exposed to my mouth. 

With her legs spread open her pussy and ass is exposed to me. I lean down sliding my long tongue from her ass crack up to her pussy then up to her swollen clitoris. Moving my tongue up and down like a dog and she is writhing on the engine cover uncontrollably. I slowly push my tongue deep inside her pussy and then sliding down to tickle her ass hole. Bianca cries out " OOOooooohhhhh my god..yes..yeeesss...yeeesss..don't stop John." I continue licking her, sliding my hands up to her breasts squeezing them roughly and pinching her nipples. Bianca is begging me " John fuck me now. Please fuck me..Please. I need to feel your big cock inside me." I stand up sliding Bianca to the edge of the engine cover in the missionary position, I lean forward my body laying on top of her. I reach down between her legs grabbing my cock placing my cock head against her slit. Slowly rubbing aganist her swollen tender clitoris driving her crazy, she is again begging me " Please John push it inside me." I raise up slightly grabbing my cock again roughly shoving 6 inches inside her. Her back arches and her hips jerk with the rough intrusion of my cock. Bianca feels her pussy stretching to accomidate my length and girth filling her tight pussy. 

Bianca never thought she would feel my monster cock inside her again. The full filling inside her tight pussy is an experience she never dreamed of or had experienced until our first meeting. I start slamming into her driving all nine inches in to the hilt, my cock head ponding against her cervix. Bianca screams in pain with each in and out thrusts. The pain slowly subsiding to increasing delight of ecstacy. Her screams continue as I slam into her like a pile driver. Bianca is enjoying sheathing and unsheathing my long thick shaft with each thrust. I had shown her sensations and pleasures she has never experienced. With each intrusive stroke her tight pussy contracts sending multiple orgasms surging through her. She raises her buttocks driving my cock deeper inside her, exploring places inside her pussy which she has never felt before. I increase my rhythm the sound reverberating inside the van as I thrust in and out of her, my large balls are slamming against her ass. My large cock head continues to slam against her cervix wall. I wrap my arms around her shoulders kissing her muffling her screams of ecstasy.

Bianca responds to my ardent kisses by sucking my tongue deep in her mouth, muffling her shrieks. Keeping my cock buried deep inside her, as I lift her legs onto my shoulders continuing to slam her. Her pussy oozing juices making it so slippery that she takes my entire length of 9 inches and girth of 5 inches fully inside her. I'm ramming her hard saying " Bianca, are you liking it? Can your husband fuck you like this?" She replies " Never John."I'm slamming deeper and deeper my cock is battering her cervix entrance demanding to enter. Suddenly I stop pulling my cock out of her. I pull her up off the engine cover, turning her around pushing onto the floor of the van on all fours. I spread her legs again mounting her like a dog mounts a bitch thrusting my cock roughly back inside her. My monster cock slides inside her pussy like a knife slicing through butter. Clasping my arms around her as I slam into her like a pile driver, my one hand is rubbing her clitoris and the other hand pinching her nipple. My head resting against her bare back and I'm licking the back of her neck. We are sticking to each other like a dog and bitch as I ram her roughly and fast. My balls slamming against her stomach and continous orgasms are surging through her. 

Suddenly, after 40 minutes of slamming my cock inside her, battering her vaginal walls with hard fast strokes I shout " Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..
Bianca, I'm cumming." My thrusts are faster, rougher and deeper. She responds by pushing her ass to match my thrusts and screams " John..Please don't cum inside me."Suddenly she feels my massive cock expanding more and more and feeling my veins bursting as I held her tightly like a dog then streams of hot semen is shooting inside her. Load after load of semen filling her as I push myself fully inside her, she feels my body sticking to her buttocks. Laying aganist her back with my cock fully embedded inside her, my jerking cock spilling my last drops of semen inside her. Bianca wondering if this will ever end, we stayed joined like a dog and bitch for five minutes before I pull myself out of her. My cock makes a pop sound when it came out of her pussy and along with my cock a string of semen. Her pussy is sore from the battering and her juices is sipping out running down her thighs. We both collapse on the floor of the van gasping for breath. Whithin minutes I was hard again and I pushed my long hard cock back inside her. Bianca is trying to push me away as my cock pushes deeper inside her. She feels my cock expanding with each thrust and we had two more sessions. Then I dressed and drove her back to her car.